Tutorials from Mike Cook is a mixture of  techniques and experimentation in the art of electronics.


These pages look to explore techniques in electronics to help those venturing into the world of electronics and embedded processors for the first time. It is geared towards users of the Arduino, but is applicable to all electronics systems. These are not complete constructional projects, for that look here and the Workshop pages are a more practical based learning resource. Rather, these are techniques and explanations that I hope will be useful in understanding the design of your own projects and furthering your adventures into electronics.  From this page you can access the following topics:-


De-coupling        - Often neglected in formal texts and an unpleasant surprise for the beginner.

Protection            - In the real world protection from static discharges and interference is essential

Power                    - Beginners often only look at current capability of a device there is more to it.

Power Examples - Real life examples of calculations made to discover if something will burn out.

Power Supplies   - The only source of the electrons needed to make you circuit do stuff.

PWM                    - How PWM works to give an variable power output.

LEDs                     - The care and feeding of LEDs.

Inputs                   - How to treat processor inputs.

Arrays                   - How to use arrays to make your code simpler.

Merging                - How to combine two arduino sketches.

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