This is where you will find information on how to build some of my hardware projects.

Sound Square            Wave your hand to create MIDI sounds from mid air.

Arduino Shield           A prototyping shield to cope with the Arduino’s odd pin spacing.

Glockenspiel              A MIDI powered musical instrument from a child’s toy.

Sneak Thief                A game involving a steady hand an patience.

RGB Mini Monome    Small 4 by 4 multicoloured Monome.

Transistor Tester       Find out the pinout and parameters for you transistors.

Crazy People                Three RFID readers combine to generate mixed up characters.

Econo Monome           An  8 by 8 Monome made from junk box components.

MIDI Shield                   Basic MIDI input and output on an Arduino.

Chaotic Pendulum     MIDI sounds from a pendulum that never repeats the same pattern.

MIDI Footsteps           Trigger 16 MIDI notes from pressure sensors.

CNC Conversion        Converting a MF70 milling machine to computer control.

Dice Game                   A game of skill with a dice.

Crazy Golf                    Creating a Crazy Golf hole

Hexome                        Hexagonal based Monome

RFID Sequencer         A music sequencer based on RFID Tokens

Exhibition                     Other projects but without constructional details.


Projects from Mike Cook


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