Crazy Golf Hole


FON (Full Of Noises) is a festival of sound and art run in the Town of Barrow in Furness, the place where the British Nuclear Submarines are made. This year (2011) one of the projects was to transform the town's pitch an put golf course in the park into a crazy golf course for two days. Two weeks before the event I received this email from Ross Dalzie, the leader of the project:-


Creating an Arduino Hole

By Mike Cook




Final Assembly

Hi Mike,

Glenn Boulter said you might be interested in contributing to the crazy golf hack project I’m working on for FON festival in August in next few weeks.

We are basically adjusting or hacking an existing pitch and putt course with sculpture and a few simple arduino hacks; turning lights on and off setting off noises (I'm doing a drainpipe submarine)

Lawrence Molloy, Douglas Laing and Chiz Turnross are the main artists making new work for the project but we are also inviting a couple of other artists that are part of FON to help out and come up with extra ideas for the hack; ideally with existing work they can tweak to fit the rather odd context.

Basically its just a playful way of exploring sculpture and interaction in a social setting, and playing with the idea of hackspaces that take place in more traditional non tech and non art spaces.